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Amino Bomb

UPS’s Amino Bomb supplement bring you the best mixture of needed Amino acids workout to promote lean muscle growth, stamina and fast muscle recovery.

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Whey Protein

UPS All-In-One Maxi whey protein blend is the benchmark of protein shakes as it is a combined mixture of the three essential fast to slow releasing whey proteins.

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Maxi Maize

Maxi Maize is a pure carbohydrate supplement which may easily be digested & absorbed for instant & sustainable energy levels. It can be used often for greater results.

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CLA 1000

An effective weight-care product that promotes a toned physique. mechanism for storing fat and actively helps the body to metabolise fat into energy.

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Pre Potion raspberry

Manufactured to provide athletes with a super-concentrated pre-workout drink ideal for any form of exercise or event. This formula is built to amplify your results at every level.

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One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that 2 weeks ago your body couldn't do what t just did.


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